CPOP Website

Christ, Prince of Peace

I attended Christ, Prince of Peace from kindergarten through 8th grade. Some other St. Joe Angels who went to CPOP are Lauren Klein, Molly Boersig and Caroline Hipskind to name a few. During my time there, I played CYC basketball, soccer and volleyball. Some of my favorite teachers were Mr. D, my 6th grade teacher and Mrs. Anderson, my 7th grade teacher. I graduated in 2014 and am the 4th in my family to graduate from that school.

SJA Website

St. Joseph Academy

I followed in my two older sisters footsteps when I chose to go to St. Joe. My grandmother was also in the class of 1949. She attended St.Joe when it was on the Fontbonne campus. My great aunt was in the class 1957. She spent two years on the Fontbonne campus and was the 2nd class to graduate at the current St.Joe campus. As you can tell, my family has been apart of St. Joe for awhile.

RU Website

Rockhurst University

I have chosen Rockhurst University as the place to spend my next 4 years. I really enjoy the small campus and the urban location. Kansas City is a great place with lots of things to do. I am also very familiar with the school as my mom, aunt, sister and brother have all graduated from there. I am looking forward to my college career.